‘Off you f*ck back to Scotland, Murray; we’ve got someone else to cheer now.’


English tennis fans have waved goodbye to Scot, Andy Murray now that they have a new pretend English person to support.

Fans at Wimbledon today will be cheering for English tennis hero, Johanna Konta, and will no longer have to face the awkward compromise of wanting English-hating Murray to win.

Konta is as English as Fish and Chips, although admits that she was born in Sydney, and lived there for over half her life, before moving to Spain to train as a tennis player.

‘My Hungarian parents couldn’t be more proud of me,’ said Konta, in a pretty good Dick Van Dyke accent.

‘Hopefully I’ll win the tennis, then watch you poms get a stuffing in the Ashes this winter,’ added Konta.