Southgate appoints genealogist as right-hand man

gareth southgategareth southgate

New England boss, Gareth Southgate has broken with the tradition of choosing a football man for the role of his assistant, and gone with a leading genealogist instead.

Southgate has calculated that by 2018 there will only be 9 English players still playing in the Premier League to choose a team from. Southgate, whose penalty taking credentials have singled him out as the man to build England’s fragile mental health, has confounded critics by appointing genealogist, Peter Thape. Thape (45) famously discovered that the young Peruvian Lionel Messi had an Argentinian grandmother.

‘I’ve had a close look at the Aguero, and Silva family trees. I think we’ve got half a chance,’ said Thape.

‘Genealogy is the future. We could be as big as the Republic of Ireland,’ added Thape.