Uber cheat, Lance Armstrong wins again

lanceepa03442129 (FILE) A file picture dated 24 July 2005 shows US cyclist Lance Armstrong of the Discovery Channel Team signalling a seven as he is on his way to win his seventh Tour de France in Corbeil-Essonnes, France. Armstrong has been stripped off his seven Tour de France titles the international cycling federation UCI announced at a press conference in Geneva, 22 October 2012. EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET *** Local Caption *** 02585873

People are just thrilled that massive cock, and super cycling cheat, Lance Armstrong has made a fortune off his investment in the taxi app, Uber.

Just in case you were wondering if there was a God, Armstrong has proved otherwise, by scooping billions from the investment made into Uber with his last few dollars.

Local cyclist Peter Thape has worked an extra two hours this week, so that he can afford new bike lights for his ride home from work on the dark winter nights.

‘Lance, you might be the worst human being that has ever lived,’ said Thape.

‘You just don’t get it, do you?’ added Thape.