Women’s football success launches new breed of HABS

people dancingpeople dancing

The undeniable success of the women’s professional game has created a previously unheard of benefactor, as men choose to become full time husbands and boyfriends (HABS).

The nightclubs of Manchester and London are teeming with young, toned and chiselled suitors hoping to pick off the athletic, pretty footballers who make up the Women’s Super League. Men are bribing doormen, and befriending bar-staff in a bid to be seen in the exclusive VIP areas of the prestigious nightspots. Peter Thape (24) a part-time model and socialite, explains how the game is played.

‘I spend £140 on my eyebrows every two weeks; it’s an investment. Land one of these footballers, and you’re made for life,’ said Thape.

‘And I’ve had implants in my balls. I’ve gone from grapes to ping pongs – I’m just more confident about myself now,’ Thape added.